The Second Season of Creative Partnerships Lithuania

In the second 2012 – 2013 school year Creative Partnerships Lithuania will continue exploring creative learning in 80 schools from all over Lithuania, which is a twice wider scope compared to the previous year.

50 new schools have joined and started their experience in the Creative Partnerships. The schools were selected from 111 candidates. The selected schools were invited to the Enquiry Schools programme where cooperating with creative practitioners they will be experimenting and trying out how to engage the children, how to make learning more active and interesting as well as useful, how to integrate creative process into the given lesson, implementing creative learning projects in up to 30 learners groups and classes.

While 30 Creative Partnerships schools, which had fulfilled the Enquiry School programme the last year would start for the first time as the Change Schools, which is a much broader as well as deeper programme. Schools will decide on whether to execute one big creative learning project involving 50 – 100 learners and integrating several subjects, or to implement 2 – 3 smaller creative learning projects with different classes and aimed at different objectives.

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